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Schedule a appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable agents that know Brooklyn like the back of their mind



After meeting our awesome agent, go check out some of the cool spots they handpicked to your needs and budget.

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You love it!! We knew you would.

Just sign that paper and you’re home.

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BROOKLIV offers Sales & Rentals listed in Brooklyn’s most trendiest neighborhoods! Our agents are CREATIVE, DEVOTED & PROFESSIONAL!


Why do people turn to BROOKLIV?

“BROOKLIV knows BROOKLYN”! This is the one address for those who are serious about living the Brooklyn lifestyle.


The Promise?

A leading real estate agency that is both passionate about life and understanding of what it takes to bring life home! Beyond its status as a company, BROOKLIV garnered recognition and stature by developing an organic brand behavior. This is founded in its core value of delivering client happiness through the power of cultural storytelling. After all, ‘home is where the heart wants it to be’ !

BROOKLIV seeks to achieve superior results as Real Estate Agents, In attracting and retaining residents, In delivering superior customer service, In maintaining our relationships, In performing professionally To mobilize and deliver our vast knowledge, resources and talent throughout Brooklyn on behalf of our clients, and to enable them to make the most informed real estate decisions!

BROOKLIV is a true Brooklyn asset thanks to powerful integration into communities both local and online!

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